There once was a time when Google’s Android platform was in it’s infancy, and cellular carriers were just starting to adopt the platform. At that time MetroPCS was preparing to launch their very first Android devices, and they looked to us to help them create content that would speak to what we shall call the “cool kids.” They wanted to make sure the youth knew that MetroPCS had a selection of Android devices available.

So, we reached out to some of our friends

  • DJ Khaled
  • Drama from Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory
  • Rapper, Rob Roy
  • QB Killa Warren Sapp
  • Famed photographer, Estevan Oriol
  • DJ Skee
  • Dan Caldwell, the founder of TapouT
  • Far East Movement
  • Pro Skater Terry Kennedy

to help show all of their fans how each of them are using Android in their daily lives.

We also had each of them create their own custom Android character. Since you can customize Android in so many ways, it only made sense to have each create a character of their own. We took all of their designs and created a 30 second CGI commercial which aired on national television, and in their 3,000 stores nationwide.

We partnered with DJ Skee to create three videos for his channel on KarmaLoop TV to help get the word out, and commissioned him to create a promotional MixTape that included unreleased tracks by Kanye West, Snoop Dog, Rob Roy, Kendrick Lamar and Yelawolf. We were on the Kendrick Lamar and Yelawolf tip years before they became mainstream. It’s something that we’re known for.

So, in addition to all of the content we created for this campaign, we also had 3′ inflatable Androids made for each influencer, and then made 25,000 3″ Android vinyl toys made were used as promotional items at all 3,000+ MetroPCS stores nationwide.

This was a classic campaign that shows how we can leverage influence to build relevance for a brand, while also providing a huge value to each of the influencers by getting their brands in front of 9+ million MetroPCS subscribers.


Android for All 


Google and MetroPCS

What We Did

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Viral Videos
  • Partnership with
  • CGI Commercial
  • 3″ Custom Android Toys & Custom Packaging
  • 3′ Custom Android Inflatables