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AG3NCY is a digital marketing agency serving consumer electronics, pro audio, lifestyle and sports and fitness brands. We’ve been keeping shop for the past 17 years at the intersection of culture, commerce and media, as our society has become digitally connected.

We help guide Forture 500 companies and a lot of brand spankin’ new ones, through digital transformation, helping them reach, speak to and engage their audiences through technology and unique memorable experiences.


Kristin Carter Antunez

Founding Partner

Kristin Carter Antunez started AG3NCY in 2012. After working in the music and entertainment industries she wanted to bring the big brand knowledge to established companies and start-ups, helping them get to the next level. Believing you don’t have to be the biggest to play in the market in a big way.

As a Southern California native she worked as a Disney princess, also acting in student films and theater while growing up near Pasadena. She attended  Concordia University Irvine, receiving a degree in Communications, Business and Writing, and later pursued her MBA.

In AG3NCY’s first year, Kristin took her business knowledge and digital experience to help small businesses, mostly female owned, free of charge.

Her first paid client was HaloCouture Hair Extensions. She helped them build their global brand. Later that year Trevor joined AG3NCY and helped them create their business strategy, guided them through a rebrand, and ran very successful digital advertisements which took their business to the next level. After this stellar case study they were able to bring in bigger clients and duplicate their success over and over. 

Kristin likes to spend mornings at the beach with their dogs- who are often at the AG3NCY office. She enjoys the laid back vibe of Costa Mesa, loves watching 80’s movies and going to the movies. She never passes up a chance to head to LA for date nights. Spending time with friends and family gives her a sense of balance. She also has a deep appreciation for design, art and writing. The satisfaction of nurturing and watching clients grow— along with a constant flow of exciting projects keeps her energy at AG3NCY vibrant. 

People say her secret weapons are her intuition and high emotional IQ, knowing where people are at and easily navigating them to where they would like to be. 

Trevor Antunez

Managing Partner

Trevor grew up playing ice hockey and is still an avid hockey fan. He started working at a popular Surf, Skate & Snow shop as a teenager in Southern California, spending weekends in Lake Arrowhead at his grandparents vacation home. While studying Business at Cal State Fullerton he started working in Marketing and Promotions at KROQ in Los Angeles which helped him get into concerts for free, and where he met tons of cool people. 

Trevor was hired by Boost Mobile in 2004- feeding his love for technology and giving him unlimited access to cell phones. Today he brings the old school Boost vibe to AG3NCY, and you’ll still see him with the latest phones stacked on his desk. After Boost, Trevor was hired independently to manage digital content for Boost, Sprint, Nextel and worked closely with Virgin Mobile, the four major record labels, movie studios and more than 200 entertainment brands and game makers. In 2010 he moved with Kristin to DTLA to head up the mobile division for a large marketing agency, where he managed clients like MetroPCS, Samsung, Motorola, Google and Huawei, while Kristin worked at TMZ.

Presently he can be found in his stock market style computer cockpit, looking at and making adjustments to our clients advertisements in real time. In the afternoon, he goes LIVE on Twitch.tv, to let off steam, and interact with his community, which is pretty dope.

When he’s not collaborating and building new businesses- he’s planning trips to Hawaii to spend time on the beach with Kristin and a few Mai Tais. 

People would say his secret weapons are his strong judge of character- and his fine tuned business compass that leads us all to what’s next.

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